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Food Pairing
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Your Guide to the most prestigious Texas wine events!

Texas Wine

Your Guide to the most prestigious Texas restaurants!



We're one of the winners of the 4th Annual Regional Wine Week 47 Word Essay Contest hosted by DrinkLocalWine.com. Here's our winning entry: 

A wine bottle contains so much more than the fermented juice from a vineyard. The bottle also includes the heart of the people: their culture, their battles, their character. Nowhere is that reality more apparent than Texas. Our history reflects our passion, and so does our wine. 

Come and explore Texas Wine. Find out what treasures await! 

  • The Texas wine industry is contributing more than $1 billion a year to the state's economy.
  • There are over 400 wineries in Texas and the numbers are growing.
  • Upscale restaurants are putting Texas wines on their wine lists.
  • Events throughout the country are featuring Texas wines
  • Texas wineries are featured as exceptional travel destinations.
  • Texas wines are winning awards the world over.
  • Join the growing number of fans! Experience a classic combination. Texas and wine... ENJOY!!!